Earthwise Excavation...From the ground down.

We offer fully comprehensive underground site work including but not limited to:
- Plat Work
- Road Building
- Retention Ponds
- Horizontal Boring
- Storm Systems
- Water Mains

- Erosion Control
- Sewer Systems

- Retaining Walls

- Import Export
- Street Improvements
- Underground Detention Systems

Earthwise Excavation
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Project quotes can be obtained with submittal of a copy of blueprints and or design pages. These proposals will typically require a site visit, materials costing, and excavation estimates. Please fax or mail appropriate documents to us using our contact information. Please also notify us with a phone call so we can prepare our schedule accordingly. Typically we can provide 2 working day turnaround time depending on project size.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to provide a cost estimate for your project

Any work outside of a proposal or contract will be billed as time and material
If further information is needed please give us a call.

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