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Hello and thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide a bid for your Onsite
Sewage System.

We have been installing septic systems in this area for 18 years and have become
the industry leader in workmanship, innovation, and guarantees. You will find that
we are typically not the cheapest price, but beyond a doubt, the best value
around. The bitterness of a poor job remains long after the sweetness of a "good
deal". We have listed below just some of the areas that we put in the extra effort
to provide you with a system that will provide you with a lifetime of service.

Zabel A100 effluent filter and conditioners

These units are installed on the outlet pipe of your septic tank and replace the
standard baffle or screened baffle. Tests have shown that these units provide
effluent filtering and conditioning capabilities that far exceeds standard
requirements. The A100 is a top of the line filter at eighteen inches in diameter
with an easily removable and reusable cartridge. The cartridge consists of 27
screening and growth plates for exceptional filtering.

Aquaworx digital timed dose controllers

Standard controllers have limited dose controlling capabilities, no data recording
capabilities, use a host of mercury filled float switches that are moisture
sensitive, wiring procedures that can lead to pump amperage problems due to length
of wire runs, noisy contractor start switches, and are difficult to wire. The
Aquaworx digital controller uses water transducer technology to eliminate all
mercury control switches, has data recording capabilities for 4000 events, dual
pump timers with veto settings allowing for less frequent dosing during normal
usage, simple wiring, and a noiseless solid state relay for "ramped" pump starts,
extending pump life.

Schedule 40 pipe

Strong and flexible schedule 40 piping is used in the supply and distribution
networks for your drainfield and sandfilters. Schedule 40 pipe far exceeds
standard class 200 piping for strength and resistance to cracking and freeze

1.5" Crushed washed gravel

We worked with Meridian Aggregates to bring this innovative product to market and
gain industry acceptance. The angular aspect of this material allows for a greater
void space and reduces gravel masking of your absorption area, essentially
increasing your absorption area. Not to mention the product is consistently free
of sediment and fine particulates which can clog the soils micro channels in the

5 year installation guarantee

We are leading the industry with our standard 5-year installation guarantees and
professional service. Our every intention is to provide you with a system that
will provide you with a lifetime of trouble free usage. It is with extensive
training that our qualified technicians will install, service and maintain your
Onsite Sewage System. If we find your system to have a defect due to improper
installation, we will correct the defect promptly. This guarantee does not extend
or cover system components, which have their own warranty, or cover malfunctions
due to improper usage or maintenance.

Continuing employee education

Our employees participate in yearly ongoing continuing education programs. The
Washington Onsite Sewage Association provides training at their Puyallup training
center with a complete range of courses, The University of Washington hosts a
biannual 3-day Onsite Wastewater short course, and we hold bi weekly in house
educational programs. We are committed to providing the Onsite Sewage community
with educated, honest, and safe technicians who are fully aware of the broad range
of issues confronting them.

Hydrostatic and pressure testing

All concrete chambers are tested for a minimum of twenty-four hours to determine
water tightness. In addition to protecting against sewage leaching out into the
groundwater, this is done to prevent the possibility of groundwater leaking in to
the system. Pressure testing is performed on the systems distribution and piping
network to check for leaks and equal flows to the absorption area.

Gravelless chamber upgrades

We offer gravelless chamber upgrades to replace the gravel in your absorption
area. Given the 60% masking that occurs from the gravel sitting on the soil, the
chamber technology eliminates the gravel, effectively doubling your absorption
area. We offer 24" and 36" widths to accommodate almost all drainfield
configurations. Being a relatively new innovation, not all Health Districts have
implemented the code changes to make this upgrade possible. Please call for more
information regarding your site.

Employee ownership

Since our inception, we strive to provide our employees with a fair and
enjoyable place to work. To that extent, the benefits that we offer to our
employees include, 4 day work weeks, paid vacations, paid holidays, medical,
dental, vision, and alternative care insurance benefits, assorted employee
bonuses, a retirement program with matching funds and employee ownership. This is
a career that includes a healthy share of hard work and we believe that if a
person is doing a job that they enjoy, this is reflected in their workmanship. We
have a combined experience of over eighty years with some of our first employees
still here working now as partners. We are dedicated to raising the standard of
workmanship and sincerely hope we can be of service to you.

Full service providers

We are a full service company that can assist you in complete maintenance of your
Onsite Sewage System. We can provide pumping services, monitoring, biannual
operational inspections, ongoing maintenance and or trouble shooting services.
Please ask about our maintenance reminder program and or our informational

Since its inception in 1987, Earthwise Excavation has built a reputation for
service, innovation, and workmanship. We also strive to follow the path of an
evolutionary corporation with sustainable business practices, employee ownership,
community and philanthropic involvement. Customarily business and corporate
ideologies have viewed environmentalism as a threat to the bottom line. We regard
the sustainability imperative as an opportunity to gain competitive advantage,
reduce costs, increase employee and customer loyalty, and stimulate greater
innovation while improving the health of both the planet and people.

Some of our programs include using Biodiesel, a domestically produced fuel from
vegetable oils, Green power, 100% of our electricity comes from the Stateline wind
farm, Nimh power, Nimh batteries are rechargeable and are designed for effective
recycling and provide longer charge/ recharge cycles. They do not contain mercury,
cadmium, lead, sulfuric acid or arsenic, all highly toxic materials. FSC certified
lumber We use Forest Stewardship Certified wood which comes from sustainably
harvested forests in construction of our sandfilter liners. Nine percent of net to
conservation, A minimum of nine percent of our net profit is directed towards
Northwest area conservation programs.

Permaculture land design, Workplace recycle programs, Oil water separators, Oil
spill kits, Stop work oil leak programs, Repair and rebuild preferences, Materials
sourcing programs, lessening toxins and increasing recycled materials, are some of
our other programs.

Conservation and the wisdom of erring on the side of caution serve as a backbone
for our philanthropic direction

At Earthwise Excavation we are committed to doing business in a different way. We
have provided superior excavation services to the Puget Sound region while at the
same time promoted social and environmental causes. We feel strongly that
businesses must take the lead by "inventing a future" that gives our children a
chance to enjoy a healthy environment. Our activism around this philosophy has
taken many forms including campaigns to reduce global warming, promote
conservation and support organic farming. All these efforts have been bolstered by
our own commitments to reduce energy use, waste and emissions. We have discovered
what may have been known - that it feels good to do good, and that doing good work
enhances our company's success.

It may seem odd the combination, excavation and sustainability, but this is the
front line of development. It is rewarding to know how many places we have been
able to save simply due to the fact that we offer an alternative to the standard
"clear and haul" mindset. We are hoping to raise the awareness of sustainable
business practices so we ask that whether you use our services or not, please ask
others about their programs and procedures

We offer a full range of excavation services and complete septic system servicing.
We appreciate your time and the opportunity to assist you in your project, from
the ground down. With that said thank you for your time and we look forward to a
mutually beneficial relationship.

Best regards,

The Earthwise Crew