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Permaculture Design

The land design aspect of Permaculture will seek to find the natural patterns that
exist upon the parcel of land that is under your stewardship. An in-depth look will
be taken to see how we may work with these patterns to provide you with shelter,
food and medicine in a sustainable manner. While the main focus will be to limit
your inputs and maximize your outputs, the Permaculture principles can be applied
to any form or design. This will include but not be limited to the following:
onsite drainage and irrigation patterns, existing productive areas and their
incorporation into living areas, wildlife corridors and native plant guilds, soil
structure and biomass enhancement, and environmental impact assessments.

Initial earthwork that is carefully done will be laying the foundation for
generations of sustainable productive living. In the ultimate form of design, this
process would be need to view the site during all seasons to form a true
understanding. With this knowledge a completely harmonious direction would come to
light. Though do not be discouraged if your time frame does not allow this luxury.
There are still tremendous benefits for you, the land, and the greater community
in the application of Permaculture design principals to any situation.

Initial onsite consultation, preliminary site report, including zonal map, sun,
water, and wind sectors, timeline, benefits, options, cost analysis, and

Cost sliding scale of $30 to $300 dollars

After the initial consultation or even before, we ask that you become
knowledgeable about the Permaculture Design concepts through the many resources
available; design manuals, courses, internet, etc. And after consulting your inner
guidance and you are ready to change your life, we would be more than happy to
assist you in any avenues of this path towards the love and light of

We can assist you with complete designs, plant species lists, and implementation
with our cooperative training services.

Complete costs vary according to size and scope of your project.

Thank you for your interest, Blessings